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Posted on: October 16, 2008 9:53 am
Edited on: October 16, 2008 10:26 am
The NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell has made it clear to the players and owners of the NFL franchises that there will be zero tolerance of illegal personal conduct and or illegal drug use.  With the very tight confidentiality of the first drug failure on a random Drug Urinalysis and or misdemeanors that could have happened without media intervention there is a perception that when a player is suspended that the Player Conduct Policy and or Drug Policy is so tight that there is no room for leniency. Compared to the other sports organizations like the MLB, MLS and International Olympic Committee (IOC) where in some cases the Professional Sports Organization may overlook certain misconducts and in some cases send harder convictions against any mishap.  In the case of the IOC, players are tested multiple times depending on the results of the events. When and if there is any indication of drug usage they are suspended and placed in a holding pattern pending the outcome of a formal investigation and in some cases are banned from future Olympics, minus any medals or record broken during that time. This IOC policy also has reached the Tour De France and other World Cyclist with there suspensions from similar infractions.  In the Military any drug usage or personal conduct can be grounds for immediate dismissal from the service that has long term penalties that in most cases are irreversible. For the MLB there are cases against the Former MLB San Francisco Giants OF Barry Bonds and a ton of Professional Baseball Players that have yet to be convicted of illegal drug use and there are some like Bonds that has broken numerous records that still stand today that will be a standard for other players that without the ability of illegal drug use may never be broken. For the fact that the NFL implemented the Drug policy that stands today in the mid-80’s and the MLB Drug Policy has yet to fully implement there policy that has been debated since 2003 is truly a scare to profession would be players.  As far as the Personal Conduct Policy in the NFL implemented in 2007, it stands as a goal to other professional sports organizations that in the thought process of the NFL Commissioner, the would be Professional Players of the futures and those that are fans look to the Professional Players today as mentors and the standard to how to act and conduct there business. For players like the Former NFL Dallas Cowboys CB Adam Jones that was recently suspended and what appears to be indefinitely stands as the mission of the NFL Commissioner that these infractions will not be tolerated. The standard to what is out of bounce and what can be tolerated has yet to be established since the policy to date is to eliminate those that have been a menace to society and have to be placed under strict controls in order to determine what can be tolerated. So when you think that someone should or should not be suspended for what ever charges, look at other circumstances that these infractions are not taken care of and the player making multi-millions of dollars are allowed to do what ever they want that in some cases supersede the laws and civil statues of what common folk must obey.  
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